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Adjusts ease factor for cards individually during review an Anki. See: for rationale.

Cards must have more than 4 'review' reviews to be adjusted. Reviews done when the card is in learning or re-learning are not counted.

Important: You must not use an interval modifier in your deck options. In other words, your interval modifier must be set to 100% (no change) for all decks.


Anki 2.0

You can simply copy and (optionally) to your addons directory.

Anki 2.1

Create a new folder named experimentalCardEaseFactor in your Anki 2.1 addons directory. Save, and to this folder. If you don't want to use, don't include it, and remove it from


There are a couple options that can be configured by editing the addon:

  1. targetRatio = Set this to whatever success rate you want to aim for (e.g. 0.85 for an 85% success rate)
  2. showCardStats = True/False; if True, a pop-up with some card stats will be shown whenever a card is adjusted.
  3. minRevs = Minium number of reviews before ease factors are adjusted (set to 4 by default)

When using the experimental card ease factor addon, you will not need to choose among hard, good, and easy. Instead, the addon will look at your past review success rate to determine whether the card's ease factor is too hard or too easy. So just use good if you remembered and again if you forgot.

The addon changes your options from Again/Hard/Good/Easy, to Defeat/Victory (where victory is equal to good). The words are configurable in the addon. Note: There is a slot to control the "Show Answer" text, but that isn't implemented yet.

I suggest that you use the YesOrNo addon and that you disable Show next review time above answer buttons in Tools > Preferences... Seeing the next review times will just distract you from studying.

Shameless Donation Request

If you find this addon helpful, please consider making a $1 donation using this link:

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