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MTS: Multiprotocol Test Tool

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MTS (Multi-protocol Test Suite) is a multi-protocol testing tool specially designed for telecom IP-based architectures (see above "Features" section for more details).

MTS meets needs like :

  • Functional, non-regression or protocol tests => ‘Sequential’ mode
  • Load, performance endurance stress tests => ‘Parallel’ mode (master/slave)
  • Simulates equipment => client, server or both sides
  • System supervision => capture mode (like wireshark)

Product characteristics :

  • Definition of tests case in XML files : test and scenarios input files
  • Graphical (very convivial) or command line (for test automation) user interfaces
  • Easy to use : logging management and rich statistics presentation.
  • Pure software solution => support only IP based protocol
  • Written in java => supports many famous platforms : Windows and Linux supported
  • Open Source product since begin 2012 with GPLV3 license => free to use

Developers :

  • Compile and use / test : mvn package
  • Generate installer : mvn install

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