A browser extension to improve TweetDeck with a lot of features
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Refined Twitter1,276
2 years agomitJavaScript
Browser extension that simplifies the Twitter interface and adds useful features
2 months ago2mitTypeScript
A browser extension to improve TweetDeck with a lot of features
a month ago38mitTypeScript
A browser extension for navigating burgeoning Twitter conversations
Coinflict Of Interest137
3 years ago6mitJavaScript
Browser extension to show user biases on Crypto Twitter.
Nitter Redirect111
6 months ago10mitJavaScript
A browser extension that redirects Twitter links to Nitter instead.
Twitter Demetricator45
2 years agootherJavaScript
Hides all the metrics on Twitter
Twitter Links Beta41
3 years ago7JavaScript
A browser extension to show the latest tweets that link to the current page.
6 years ago17JavaScript
A browser extension/add-on to filter tweets. Currently, supporting Google Chrome.and Mozilla Firefox (15+)
15 days ago13unlicenseJavaScript
Automatically block anyone with specific keywords in their Twitter bio.
Fix Twitter24
5 years ago2mitJavaScript
Browser extension to fix dumb things about Twitter and TweetDeck (hidden “replying to”, links)
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Better TweetDeck

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As of January 2023, it is clear that Twitter as a company doesn't care or want 3rd party developers to build on their platform. As such, I will be leaving BetterTweetDeck to work "as-is". I'm not archiving the repo to not lose issues but consider it to be archived.


Adds some nice options on TweetDeck to provide a better experience on the webapp when used on Chrome, Opera and Firefox!


The extensions is currently available for the following browsers:


Find the complete list of features on

Contributing & helping

Feel free to read the CONTRIBUTING documentation to know how to help and contribute!


If you want to help localize the project, you can do so on Crowdin!

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