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TypeScript State Machine (TS-FSM)

Finite state machines are useful for modeling complicated flows and keeping track of state. TS-FSM is a strongly typed finite state machine for TypeScript that is using promises for async operations. I'm using this state-machine as a simple replacement for redux in some ReactJs based apps. Check it out here


  • TypeScript native (ES6)
  • Only 1 KB (minified) and zero dependencies !!!
  • Promises are used for async transition completion
  • Generics for states and events types
  • Simple tabular state machine defnition
  • Hooks after state change and on error
  • Use on server or NodeJs or client (!IE)


# git clone ts-fsm
# cd ts-fsm
# npm install
# npm test

Basic Example:

I'm modeling a "door" here. One can open the door, close it or break it. Each action is done asych: when you open it goes into opening state and the resolved to open state etc. Once broken it reaches a final state. Note that the same code can be run in Javascript, just remove the generics.

// these are the states and events for the door
enum States { closing = 0, closed, opening, open, breaking, broken }
enum Events { open = 100, openComplete, close, closeComplete, break, breakComplete }

// lets define the transitions that will govern the state-machine
const transitions = [
    /*      fromState       event                   toState             callback */
    tFrom(States.closed,,            States.opening,     onOpen),
    tFrom(States.opening,   Events.openComplete,,        justLog),
    tFrom(,      Events.close,           States.closing,     onClose),
    tFrom(States.closing,   Events.closeComplete,   States.closed,      justLog),
    tFrom(,      Events.break,           States.breaking,    onBreak),
    tFrom(States.closed,    Events.break,           States.breaking,    onBreak),
    tFrom(States.breaking,  Events.breakComplete,   States.broken,      justLog),

// initialize the state machine
const door = new StateMachine<States, Events>(
   States.closed,   // initial state
   transitions,     // array of transitions 

// the actions are async and return a promise:
// transition callbacks
function onOpen(): Promise<void> {

    return door.dispatch(Events.openComplete);

function onClose(): Promise<void> {

    return door.dispatch(Events.closeComplete);

function onBreak(): Promise<void> {

    return door.dispatch(Events.breakComplete);

// synchronous callbck is also ok
function justLog(): void { 

// we are ready for action - run a few state-machine steps...
new Promise(async (resolve) => {

    // open the door and wait for it to be open
    await door.dispatch(;
    door.getState(); // =>

    // check if the door can be closed
    door.can(Events.close); // => true

    // break the door async
    door.dispatch(Events.break).then(() => {
        // did we get to a finite state?
        door.isFinal(); // => true 

    // door is now in breaking. It cannot be closed...
    try {
        await door.dispatch(Events.close);
        assert("should not get here!");
    } catch (e) {
        // we're good

    // let the async break complete
    setTimeout(resolve, 100);

Beautiful! Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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