Baan Utf T Decoder

Decoding UTF-T texts in PostgreSQL
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Node Pg Copy Streams312569922 months ago27September 05, 20223JavaScript
COPY FROM / COPY TO for node-postgres. Stream from one database to another, and stuff.
Amazonriver16214 years ago5December 03, 20196apache-2.0Go
amazonriver 是一个将postgresql的实时数据同步到es或kafka的服务
34 years ago8November 21, 20171Rust
R(Rust) PG(Postgresql) FFI (Foreign Function Interface)
4 years ago1mitPython
pg2kinesis uses logical decoding in Postgres 9.4 or later to capture a consistent, continuous stream of events from the database and publishes them to an AWS Kinesis stream in a format of your choosing.
7 years agomitJava
Parses PostgreSQL Logical Decoding output
8 years ago10Python
Python interface to PostgreSQL logical decoding
Decoding Json12
7 years ago7C
logical decoding output plugin for postgresql
Postgres Bytea1019,9266a year ago3June 11, 2020mitJavaScript
Postgres bytea parser
Pg_types913 years ago4November 21, 20202apache-2.0Erlang
Erlang library for encoding and decoding postgres data types
Fluent Plugin Pg Logical7
5 years ago1February 05, 20183otherRuby
Fluentd input plugin to track of changes on PostgreSQL server using logical decoding.
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Decoding UTF-T texts in PostgreSQL

This small extension program permits to decode the text tables of Infor baan IV or ERP LN. Those texts are encoded in UTF-T, so they need to be converted into UTF-8 for being used in a database.

While PostgreSQL is not currently supported by ERP LN, we connect it to baan or LN database using foreign data wrapper. This way we may develop applications on PostgreSQL.


In order to compile this extension, verify that you have pg_config in your path (it should be part of the postgresql development tools). Then, execute:

gcc -I$(pg_config --includedir) -fPIC -MMD -MP -MF pgutft.o.d -o pgutft.o pgutft.c
gcc -o pgutft.o -shared -fPIC
cp pgutft.o $(pg_config --pkglibdir)

once the library is installed in the postgresql extension directory, connect to your database as super user and execute

CREATE FUNCTION utft_to_utf8(bytea) RETURNS text
      AS '', 'utft_to_utf8'

If you want to let other users uses it, grant them the access to the function this way: GRANT ALL ON FUNCTION utft_to_utf8(bytea) TOusername;


if your text has many lines, join them as bitea, then pass it to utft_to_utf8() function:

select utft_to_utf8(text_from_baan_table);

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