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Webpack Loader to use TTF files as CSS Modules

Key Features

  • Parses TTF for OS/2 and NAME tables to create @font-face declaration automatically
  • Adds hinting info (TTFAutohint)
  • Generates CSS and standard WebFont files
    • WOFF
    • WOFF2
    • TTF
    • EOT *
    • SVG Font *

The types marked with * are supported only if legacy option is enabled.


  • Type strict as possible (ESLint)
  • ES7
  • Functional


  • webpack (2.0 and above)
  • css-loader


$ npm i ttf-module-loader



    test : /\.(?:css|ttf)$/i,
    use : [


output: string = "font/[hash:4]"

The output pattern of the generated assets. Avoid using extension in the pattern, as it will be suffixed differently for different formats.

  • [hash]: Digest of the resource
  • [name]: Basename of the resource

legacy: boolean = false

If enabled, implements support for old browsers (IE 6+, legacy iOS).


When a TTF file is imported at first time, a @font-face declaration is created, so it become ready to use.

CSS Modules

Every generated CSS exports a class definition with the name font to compose.

.myClass {
    composes: font from 'path/to/font.ttf';

If you have your own strategy:

@value NAME, WEIGHT from 'path/to/font.ttf';
.myClass {
    font: WEIGHT 100%/1.5 NAME, sans-serif;


import * as font from 'path/to/font.ttf';

Technical Overview

The imported filename doesn't make any sense over caching.

Every data needed to build @font-face declaration is extracted directly from the Font to avoid multiple cache instances caused by different query parameters. As an additional benefit of parsing, we can create the best configuration for hinting without any manual intervention.

Autodetect configuration

  • For icon-fonts
  • For sub and superscript support


If you are importing multiple faces of the same family, it will act like this:


@font-face {
    font-family: Roboto;
    font-weight: 400;
    font-style: normal;


@font-face {
    font-family: Roboto;
    font-weight: 700;
    font-style: italic;

Exported properties

Every generated CSS exports additional constants about the Font:

  • NAME - Family name (like Roboto)
  • PATH - The URL of the generated TTF output (like /font/793ec93a.ttf)
  • WEIGHT - The weight (100...900)
  • STYLE - Style (one of normal, italic, oblique)


MIT © 2018, Székely Ádám

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