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Enso Language

Enso Language

Fluidly Combining Worlds

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Enso is an open-source, visual language for data science that lets you design, prototype, develop and refactor any application by connecting visual elements together. Enso lets you collaborate with your co-workers, interactively fine-tune parameters, inspect results and visually profile and debug your programs in real-time, creating a moment where the mind is free to let the body create.

Enso consists of several sub projects, including the Enso Language Compiler and the Enso Integrated Development Environment (IDE). You can also check out the Enso Website for more information.

This repository contains Enso Engine, which consists of the compiler, type-checker, runtime and language server. These components implement Enso the language in its entirety, and are usable in isolation.

Getting Started

Enso is distributed as pre-built packages for MacOS, Linux and Windows, as well as universal .jar packages that can run anywhere that GraalVM can. See the documentation for more.

Nightly builds can be obtained from the CI artifacts. Please refer to the documentation.

If you want to read more about the internals of Enso, please take a look at the developer documentation rendered here, or in the repository here.


The project builds on any platform where GraalVM can run. You will need the source code, and sbt. For more information, please read the detailed instructions in

Enso's Design

If you would like to gain a better understanding of the principles on which Enso is based, or just delve into the why's and what's of Enso's design, please take a look in the docs/ folder. It is split up into subfolders for each component of Enso. You can view this same documentation in a rendered form at the developer docs website.

This folder also contains a document on Enso's design philosophy, that details the thought process that we use when contemplating changes or additions to the language.

This documentation will evolve as Enso does, both to help newcomers to the project understand the reasoning behind the code, but also to act as a record of the decisions that have been made through Enso's evolution.


This repository is licensed under the Apache 2.0, as specified in the LICENSE file.

This license set was choosen to both provide you with a complete freedom to use Enso, create libraries, and release them under any license of your choice, while also allowing us to release commercial products on top of the platform, including Enso Cloud and Enso Enterprise server managers.

Contributing to Enso

Enso is a community-driven open source project which is and will always be open and free to use. We are committed to a fully transparent development process and highly appreciate every contribution. If you love the vision behind Enso and you want to redefine the data processing world, join us and help us track down bugs, implement new features, improve the documentation or spread the word!

If you'd like to help us make this vision a reality, please feel free to join our chat, and take a look at our development and contribution guidelines. The latter describes all the ways in which you can help out with the project, as well as provides detailed instructions for building and hacking on Enso.

If you believe that you have found a security vulnerability in Enso, or that you have a bug report that poses a security risk to Enso's users, please take a look at our security guidelines for a course of action.

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