Personal Website with NextJs, ReactJs, Sanity
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:atom_symbol: React Application Manager: create and run React (and other) applications – no command line or build setup required
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  • / - Home page.
  • pages/about - About page.
  • pages/writing/[slug] - Static pre-rendered writing pages using Sanity.

Run Locally

$ git clone
$ cd website
$ npm install
$ npm run dev

Sanity for Backend

If you haven't heard of before, you can visit its website.

$ cd sanity-backend/
$ npm install
$ npx @sanity/cli init 
$ npx @sanity/cli start

If you have completed all these steps without any problems, Sanity Studio should be running on the 3333 port and NextJs should be running on the 3000 port.

Editing Navbar Items - Head and Sanity Client

To edit the Navbar section and Head contents, you need to edit the lib/data.js file. To connect to Sanity Studio, you need to edit the lib/client.js file. For additional instructions, visit the comment lines and the official website.

Sanity Schemas

You can review the /sanity-backend/schemas folder to edit Sanity schemas and the Sanity Schemas Documentation for more information.

getStaticProps and Data Fetching

If you haven't heard enough about data fetching and getStaticProps before, you can check the official documentation from NextJs.

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