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Abstract BusinessObject for StromDAO Energy Blockchain. Abstraction layer between blockchain technology and business logic providing energy market related entities and use cases.

The StromDAO BusinessObject comes ready-to-use in custom applications.

Please be aware that the last commited version is always a development only version and not intended to use in production.

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  • NODE JS Version 7.9 ( )
  • Internet connection to our Blockchain nodes and JSON RPC Interfaces

Quick Start

Easy Quickstart is available from within the Fury.Network. Download and install NPM Package and start playing with an easy Energy Meter Demo

What this Hello-World does is creating a new MeterPoint derived from a random id (external_id). Signs conract for Meter-Point-Operations and confirms (counter-sign by MPO).

Testing of individual functions might be done via our Introspect Page.

Demo Case

There is a Mock-Up Demo available to illustrate energy delivery handling, billing and other use cases on:


For personal tests we are updating several Meter Point Readings every 15 Minutes:

  • 0x6e23cCf78dD844cf6bb07022D8B95fa8E3994844
  • 0x7f70FE6c18012B9e41D646804B19960fABa49F0A
  • 0x83F8B15eb816284ddcF2ff005Db7a19196d86ae1

They are all updated in Genesis MPR Contract ( 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000008 )



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