Russian fossil fuel shipment tracking platform

Fossil Shipment Tracker

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Data is available through a dedicated API:


The code is split across two repositories:


Fossil fuel exports are a key revenue source for Putin’s regime, and an important weak point in the sanctions imposed against Russia. Fossil fuel revenue accounts for a third of the Russian federal budget, with half of that coming from Europe. Exemptions have been made to banking and trade sanctions to enable payments for fossil fuels to continue, providing the regime with a continued flow of hard currency.


Create a data platform that provides decision-makers (political, business, financial), journalists and campaigning organizations with information that helps identify fossil fuel shipments from Russia.


  • Daily tracking of the tonnage of fossil fuel shipments departing from Russian ports, by destination (reported by ship upon departure).
  • Identification of the shore facilities (handling terminal, refinery, power plant…) and the ownership and financiers of those facilities; identification of vessel owner, insurer etc. commercial ties
  • Daily tracking of pipelined oil and gas to Europe and China.


See methodology document.

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