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3 days agoapache-2.0Shell
System for quickly installing an OpenStack cloud from upstream git for testing and development. Mirror of code maintained at
Cloudpods1,93132 days ago278April 25, 2021109apache-2.0Go
A cloud-native open-source unified multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud platform. 开源、云原生的多云管理及混合云融合平台
Mist Ce1,712
4 months ago47apache-2.0Python
Mist is an open source, multicloud management platform
2 days ago346apache-2.0Ruby
ManageIQ Open-Source Management Platform
a month ago6gpl-2.0Java
RiskScanner 是开源的多云安全合规扫描平台,基于 Cloud Custodian 和 Nuclei 引擎,实现对主流公(私)有云资源的安全合规扫描和漏洞扫描。
4 years ago47apache-2.0Shell
Cloud Operations Platform
Cloud Provider Openstack51992 days ago63September 08, 202249apache-2.0Go
a year ago128otherJava
a benchmark tool for cloud object storage service
Php Opencloud451465702 years ago25January 29, 201660otherPHP
The PHP SDK for OpenStack clouds
a day ago2,670July 07, 20226apache-2.0Python
Management tool for libvirt/aws/gcp/kubevirt/openstack/ovirt/vsphere/packet
Alternatives To Oaktree
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Make your cloud throw some shade

oaktree is a gRPC interface for interacting with OpenStack clouds that is inherently interoperable and multi-cloud aware. It is based on the python shade library, which grew all of the logic needed to interact with OpenStack clouds and to work around differences in vendor deployment choices. Rather than keep all of that love in Python Library form, oaktree allows othre languages to reap the benefits as well.

oaktree is not a replacement for all of the individual project REST APIs. Those are all essential for cross-project communication and are well suited for operators who can be expected to know things about how they have deployed their clouds - and who in fact WANT to be able to make changes in the cloud knowing deployment specifics. oaktree will never be for them.

oaktree is for end-users who do not and should not know what hypervisor, what storage driver or what network stack the deployer has chosen. The two sets of people are different audiences, so oaktree is a project to support the end user.


Install oaktreemodel by hand. Then:

In one window:

python oaktree/

oaktree/ assumes you have a clouds.yaml accessible.

In another window:

python -i devstack/

You'll have an images and a flavors object you can poke at.

If you want to operate against a different cloud than devstack, you can pass it to devstack/ as the first command line argument.

Shape of the Project

oaktree should be super simple to deploy, and completely safe for deployers to upgrade from master constantly. Once it's released as a 1.0, it should NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER have a backwards incompatible change. There is no reason, no justification, no obessession important enough to inflict such pain on the user.

The shade library will grow the ability to detect if a cloud has an oaktree api available, and if it does, it will use it. Hopefully we'll quickly reach a point where all deployers are deploying oaktree.

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