Web-app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data
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6 months ago8gpl-3.0Java
基于Spring Boot 2.x的一站式前后端分离快速开发平台XBoot 微信小程序+Uniapp 前端:Vue+iView Admin 后端:Spring Boot 2.x/Spring Security/JWT/JPA+Mybatis-Plus/Redis/Elasticsearch/Activiti 分布式限流/同步锁/验证码/SnowFlake雪花算法ID 动态权限 数据权限 工作流 代码生成 定时任务 社交账号 短信登录 单点登录 OAuth2开放平台 客服机器人 数据大屏 暗黑模式
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Redis 一站式管理平台,支持集群的监控、安装、管理、告警以及基本的数据操作
Dashing Rails1,460
654 years ago23November 29, 201720mitRuby
The exceptionally handsome dashboard framework for Rails.
4 days ago94agpl-3.0PHP
Web-app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data
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126 months ago70August 31, 201864mitPython
Mr. Queue - A distributed worker task queue in Python using Redis & gevent
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Redis rdb CLI : A CLI tool that can parse, filter, split, merge rdb and analyze memory usage offline. It can also sync 2 redis data and allow user define their own sink service to migrate redis data to somewhere.
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5 days ago13September 03, 2023mitPHP
A web dashboard for your favorite caching system.
Flipflop17610225 months ago10May 03, 201914mitRuby
Flipflop lets you declare and manage feature flags in your Rails application.
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Emoncms is an open-source web application for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data and is part of the OpenEnergyMonitor project.



  • PHP (tested with 8.1.12)
  • MySQL or MariaDB (tested with 10.5.15)
  • Apache (tested with 2.4.54)
  • Redis* (tested with 6.0.16)

*Redis is recommended because it reduces the number of disk writes and therefore prolongs disk life (noticeably on SD cards e.g. Raspberry Pi). Some input-processors also require Redis and fail silently if Redis is not installed. Some environments such as shared hosting or as far as we have tried Windows servers don't support Redis hence why Emoncms has a fall back mode that allows core operation without Redis.


View the Emoncms documentation at: https://docs.openenergymonitor.org/emoncms


Emoncms timeseries database design (feed storage)


Emoncms Terminology

  • Input: An incoming datasource. Each input has an associated "node" identifier and a "key" sub-identifier. Inputs are entry points, only the last value and time of the input is recorded. To record historic data a feed needs to be created from an input.
  • Input: Node: A grouping identifier for an input or feed.
  • Input: Key: A sub-identifier for items within each Node.
  • Input process list (or input processing): A list of processes* performed sequentially on each input value as it is received on that input.
  • Process: A function that can be attached to the process list of an input to change the value or to save the value to a feed*.
  • Feed: A place where data is recorded, a time-series of datapoints. The standard time-series databases used by Emoncms are PHPFina and PHPTimeSeries and were written as part of the Emoncms project.
  • For a description of what each input process does in Emoncms, see the helper note within the Emoncms input processing configuration interface.

Emoncms.org API Reference


Emoncms is designed and tested to run on either Ubuntu Linux (Local, Dedicated machine or VPS) or RaspberryPi OS. It should work on other Debian Linux systems though we dont test or provide documentation for installation on these.

We do not recommend and are unable to support installation on shared hosting or XAMPP servers, shared hosting in particular has no or limited capabilities for running some of the scripts used by emoncms. There is now a large choice of low cost miniature Linux VPS hosting solutions that provide a much better installation environment at similar cost.


Experimental (not currently up to date):


Modules can be installed by downloading or git cloning into the emoncms/Modules folder. Be sure to check for database updates in Administration menu after installing new modules. The following core modules are included on the emonSD image:

There are many other available modules such as the event module and openbem (open source building energy modelling module): check out the Emoncms repo list.


  • master - The latest and greatest developments. Potential bugs, use at your own risk! All pull-requests should be made to the master branch.

  • stable - emonPi/emonBase release branch, regularly merged from master. Slightly more tried and tested. See release change log.


  • PHPFina data file viewer - Easily explore phpfina timeseries feed engine data files directly without a full Emoncms installation. Useful for checking backups and archived data.

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