Uses face recognition to find/stalk a user in Instagram stories
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a year ago18wtfplPython
Stalk your Friends. Find their Instagram, FB and Twitter Profiles using Image Recognition and Reverse Image Search.
Mesos Instagram Image Recognition23
7 years ago1mitPython
Build distributed Instagram object recognition service on DCOS/Marathon and TensorFlow
2 years agomitPython
CLI and GUI for OSINT. Are you very exhibited on the Internet? Check it! Twitter, Tinder, Facebook, Google, Yandex, BOE. It uses facial recognition to provide more accurate results.
5 years agoPHP
Uses face recognition to find/stalk a user in Instagram stories
Ai Computer Vision3
8 years agoPHP
Artificial Intelligence - Computer Vision
Alternatives To Instagramstalker
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A very simple php program for Instagram story stalking. The program searches for appearances of a target user in stories, these stories are selected from the intersection of the followings and followers of the target.
Once an appearance of the target is found, the story is saved to the current directory.
The program requires the user to personally supply images of the target's face; for details on the recognition go to ageitgey/face_recognition wiki

The code was tested in OSx, never on Linux, though I don't see any problem with it.
An example on how to use it as a module can be found in StalkerMain.php


python3(python 3 is recommended as multi-core processing is allowed, if you wish to use python2, two lines of code must be changed)
ageitgey/face_recognition and its dependencies
mgp25/InstagramApi and its dependencies


$ cd /path/to/InstagramStalker/src/
$ curl -sS | php
$ php composer.phar require mgp25/instagram-php
Continue to install this dependencies for the mgp25/instagram-php api to work
$ brew install ffmpeg
Install python if you don't already have it; I recommend python3 for the reasons mentioned before
Continue to install the face_recognition api, follow [this instructions] (ageitgey/face_recognition)


Before even starting, your should put pictures containing only your target's face in /path/to/InstagramStalker/Files/FaceReferences/targetUsername/Faces/ There is an example on how to use the code.

Please feel free to suggest any changes and criticise my work as it is one of my firsts.
Happy Stalking

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