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Appweb is a compact, fast and secure web server for embedded applications. It supports HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 with a web server and HTTP client utility.


The repository has several branches:

  • master - Most recent release of the software.
  • X.X - Archived prior release branches for maintenance.


See for details.



Building from Source

You can build Appweb with make, Visual Studio, Xcode or MakeMe.

The IDE projects and Makefiles will build with ESP and SSL using the MbedTLS TLS stack. To build with CGI, OpenSSL or other modules, read the projects/ for details.

To Build with Make:

Linux or MacOS


or to see the commands as they are invoked:

make SHOW=1

You can pass make variables to tailor the build. For a list of variables:

make help

To run

make run



The make.bat runs projects/windows.bat to locate the Visual Studio compiler. If you have setup your CMD environment for Visual Studio by running the Visual Studio vsvarsall.bat, then that edition of Visual Studio will be used. If not, windows.bat will attempt to locate the most recent Visual Studio version.

To Build with Visual Studio:

Open the solution file at:


Then select Build -> Solution.

To run the debugger, right-click on the "appweb" project and set it as the startup project. Then modify the project properties and set the Debugging configuration properties. Set the working directory to be:


Set the arguments to be -v

Then start debugging.

To Build with Xcode.

Open the solution file:


Choose Product -> Scheme -> Edit Scheme, and select "Build" on the left of the dialog. Click the "+" symbol at the bottom in the center and then select all targets to be built. Before leaving this dialog, set the debugger options by selecting "Run/Debug" on the left hand side. Under "Info" set the Executable to be "appweb", set the launch arguments to be "-v" and set the working directory to be an absolute path to the "./test" directory in the appweb source. The click "Close" to save.

Click Project -> Build to build.

Click Project -> Run to run.

To build with MakeMe:

This build approach is only recommended for Linux and MacOS. Windows support is limited.

To install MakeMe, download it from


For a list of configure options:

./configure --help

To install:

If you have built from source using Make or MakeMe, you can install the software using:

sudo make install


sudo me install

To uninstall

sudo make uninstall


sudo me uninstall

To Run:

The src/server directory contains a minimal appweb.conf suitable for production use without SSL. The test directory contains an appweb.conf that is fully configured for testing. When using the src/server/appweb.conf, change to the src/server directory to run. When using the test/appweb.conf, change to the test directory to run.

To Test:

Build with MakeMe and then:

me test


A library of samples using Appweb are available at the GitHub repository:


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