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Bulk ARF file converter. These programs allows you to easily convert a large amount of ARF files to MP4, WMV or SWF files. ARF files are created by Cisco's WebEx product, a web conferencing software.

  • Documentation is available in the wiki.
  • Comments will be located in the script file for ease of understanding.


These scripts require the nbrplayer to convert the files. You can grab the nbrplayer from here:

Make sure that you download the ARF version!!!

The Python script is written in Python 3.
You can grab that here:

Getting started

The ARF converter comes in two versions: batch script and python script.

The Python script is the latest version with the batch version being the original version of the tool.

The Python script comes in two flavors: CLI and GUI.
The CLI version is meant for command line and automation use.
The GUI version is meant for end user use.

How to execute

The batch script versions are Easy MP4.bat, Easy SWF.bat and Easy WMV.bat.
More info on Easy converters is found in the wiki:

The Python CLI version is
The Python GUI version is AutoConvert_GUI.pyw.

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