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Homework by Elixir School is a collection of coding exercises to be completed in conjunction with our lessons available on

Each exercise is created as a standalone Mix project requiring a varying degree of code completion to get the include test suite to pass.


Exercise Description
Fizzbuzz Everyone's favorite! Finish implementing Fizzbuzz in Elixir.
Shapes Print different shapes to IO like diamonds, squares, and pyramids given their size.
String Cases In this exercise we'll implement functions to convert strings to CamelCase, snake_case, and WaVyCaSe.
Collections Implement multiple functions that manipulate and retrieve data from within collections.
Word Count Using the provided poem Be Proud of Who You Are (found within word_count/priv), count the occurrences of each word and print the top 10 most frequent.
Fibonacci Print out N steps of the Fibonacci sequence.
Markdown Finish implementing a Markdown parser in Elixir.
Palindrome Provided with a string of characters ("aabbc"), print all possible palindrome premutations ("abcba", "bacab") to IO.
Simple Bank Build a bank using a GenServer to support account registration, deposits, withdrawls, and account balance inquiries.


We'd love to hear your feedback on how these exercises are working for you. Have ideas for new exercises? We're all ears!

Is this is your first time contributing to an Elixir School project? Head on over to our Campus to learn a little bit more about us and how we work.

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