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This is the client part of Sprotty, a next-generation, open-source diagramming framework built with web technologies.

Some selected features:

  • fast, scalable SVG rendering that is compatible with many browsers and stylable with CSS,
  • animations built into the core,
  • support for a distributed runtime with a diagram client and a model server,
  • a fast, reactive client architecture implemented in TypeScript,
  • a Java-based server architecture,
  • configuration via dependency injection,
  • integration with Xtext, the Language Server Protocol and Theia that can be run as rich-client as well as in the browser.


The Sprotty project spans across four GitHub repositories

  • sprotty (this repository) contains client code (TypeScript) and the examples.
  • sprotty-server contains server code (Java/Xtend) including server-side diagram layout, the extension of the Language Server Protocol, and the integration with the Xtext framework.
  • sprotty-theia contains the glue code (TypeScript) to integrate Sprotty views in the Theia IDE.
  • sprotty-vscode contains the glue code (TypeScript) to integrate Sprotty views in VS Code.
  • sprotty-layout contains the API for client-side diagram layout and an implementation based on the Eclipse Layout Kernel.

The project is built on


For further information please consult the wiki or this blog post.

The version history is documented in the CHANGELOG.


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