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Eclipse Leshan™ is an OMA Lightweight M2M server and client Java implementation.

What is OMA LWM2M ?
Object and Resource Registry.

Leshan provides libraries which help people to develop their own Lightweight M2M server and client.
The project also provides a client, a server and a bootstrap server demonstration as an example of the Leshan API and for testing purpose.

LWM2M Version Targeted Leshan Version Development State Build Status Standalone Demos
core specification(pdf)
Supported features
stable released jenkins-1.x server-demo
core specification(html)
transport bindings(html)
v2.x (master)
Supported features
in development jenkins-master server-demo

Release (stable and milestones) are available on maven central.
Nightly build (snapshot) are available on eclipse repo. (more details)

The Leshan Documentation is available in our wiki 📘.


Join the project mailing list : subscribe.
Mail address: [email protected].
Access to leshan-dev archives.

Test Server Sandbox

You can try live our servers demos instances:

(Automatic deployment of master branch)


Test Leshan Demos locally

Get and run the last binary of our demo server :

java -jar ./leshan-server-demo.jar

Get and run the last binary of our demo client :

java -jar ./leshan-client-demo.jar

Get and run the last binary of our bootstrap demo server :

java -jar ./leshan-bsserver-demo.jar

ℹ️ : All the demos have a --help option.

Compile Leshan & Run Demos

Get sources :

#using ssh
git clone [email protected]:eclipse/leshan.git


#using https
git clone

Compile it, by running in leshan root folder :

mvn clean install

Run demo server:

java -jar leshan-server-demo/target/leshan-server-demo-*-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar 

Connect on Leshan demo UI: http://localhost:8080
Leshan server Demo provides a very simple UI to get the list of connected clients and interact with clients resources.

Now you can register a LWM2M client by running our client demo:

java -jar leshan-client-demo/target/leshan-client-demo-*-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar 

or trying the Eclipse Wakaama test client.

You can also try our bootstrap demo server:

java -jar leshan-bsserver-demo/target/leshan-bsserver-demo-*-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar 

Let's start to code !

Now you played a bit with our demo, you should start to code your own server or client using our Getting-started guide.

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