Simple dump and restore for InfluxDB
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Simple dump and restore for InfluxDB
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Dump and Restore for InfluxDB is a simple bash script which uses curl and jq to dump and restore all the points in an influxdb database.

  • ./ dump fetches all points from a database and outputs them as line-delimited JSON to stdout.
  • ./ restore reads a dump from stdin and writes all points to a database one by one.


Download to your computer and make it executable:

$ curl -o && chmod +x ./ && ./ -?


To copy all datapoints (all series) from one database to another do:

$ ./ dump oldDB | ./ restore newDB

See ./ dump -? for more usage information:

Usage: ./ dump DATABASE [options...]
	-u USERNAME	(default: root)
	-p PASSWORD	(default: root)
	-h HOST		(default: localhost:8086)
	-s		(use HTTPS)
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