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This plugin is not updated anymore, please consider use bmunoz89's Bluetooth Manager instead. Thanks for your support!


Alfred plugin that allowed to connect/disconnect to paired bluetooth device


  • Alfred 3
  • Powerpack
  • Python 2+


  1. Download latest release here
  2. Double-click to add to Alfred


Toggle bluetooth device

bt [alias | device name]

Set alias for easy access

  • Full syntax
btset [alias] > [device name]
  • Short syntax (alias must not contain any space)
btset [alias] [device name]

Unset alias

btunset [alias]

Mark/Unmark as favorite

Command + Enter on selected device, then you can easily connect it with just


Note: It will automatically toggle device when mark as favorite but not with unmark


  • Load device list from system profiler
  • Detect which one should connect or disconnect to use as text in items
  • Turn on automatic toggle when mark as favorite and only connect to device
  • Connect bluetooth device without using UI


Preeti Yuankrathok (@earthpyy)

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