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Bootstrap your machine

Make sure that you have Ruby and Bundler installed on your machine. For platform specific instructions see the following subsections:

Mac OS X

You can use this shell script to turn your OS X laptop into an awesome web development machine.


You can use this shell script to turn your laptop into an awesome web development machine.


You can use the Vagrant or Docker options.

Run using Vagrant

Install Vagrant on your machine.

# This step will download and start the machine
$ vagrant up

# Here you can access the machine terminal
$ vagrant ssh

# Find out the ruby version
$ ruby -v

# Edit the file `.ruby-version` on epages-docs folder with your favourite editor and update with your version
$ vi /vagrant/.ruby-version

After this run the Rake tasks

Run in Docker (development mode)

If you don't like to bootstrap your machine you can also run a Docker container for development by invoking a single command only. The container will be pulled from our registry. Requirement: Install Docker Engine first.

# Build and run container with default rake task (eq. build `_site` and serve via jekyll)
$ docker build -t epages-docs -f Dockerfile.ruby .
$ docker run --rm --volume=$(pwd):/usr/src/epages-docs -p 4000:4000 -it epages-docs dev

# On Linux
$ echo "Open in browser:"

# On Mac (with one active docker machine)
$ open http://$(docker-machine ip `docker-machine active`):4000

Run in Docker (production mode)

# build nginx and elasticsearch docker image
$ ./ master "$(echo "${DOCKER_HOST}" | sed -E 's/tcp:\/\/([^:]+):([0-9]+)/\1/'):9200"
$ docker-compose up -d


  • By appending arguments after the image name at the listed docker run commands, you may execute other rake tasks (e.g. rake test, rake build, rake serve or in short: test, build, serve) as well as connect (e.g. bash) into the pseudo-terminal inside the container and do whatever you want.
  • When running the container with a mounted host dir the _site dir will be created on the host with docker access rights (user ids from the inside the container). You may sanitise this with sudo chown -R $USER:$USER _site afterwards or just remove it as root sudo rm _site.
  • docker pull/run of containers from our registry works without login inside our DMZ. From the outside you first need to run docker login accordingly.
  • Caution: For keeping things simple we run all commands inside the ruby container as root. In a production environment you would have to serve the jekyll site with user only privileges of course.

Rake tasks

# install dependencies
$ bundle

# run a local server with auto rebuilding
$ rake

# check for dead links and other bad stuff
$ rake test

# build the page
$ rake build

# compare status of RAML files from epages-docs with epagesj
$ rake ramlup


This project comprises different licenses. The editorial content in the folders

  • apps/,
  • blog/,
  • soap/ and
  • assets/images/

is licensed under CC-BY-4.0. The logos in the folder assets/logos/ may not be shared or adapted. The different fonts in the assets/fonts/ folder are licensed under their own respective licenses. All other content is licensed under MIT.

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