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Notice: eComInit is not yet ready for use - please do not use it in production until version 1.0 is published on the Releases page. In the meantime, you may discuss it on IRC: see #ecomcloud on Freenode.

eComCloud Object Solutions™ eComInit™ is a cloud-friendly init system and resource manager. Its merits include:

  • Cross-platform OS support, including full support for GNU/Linux®, HP-UX®, and several other platforms, with an emphasis on FreeBSD®.
  • A robust and sophisticated modular architecture, designed in line with the Four Motives of eComCloud: Adaptable, Modular, Reliable, Informative.
  • A lightweight JASON-RPC-based communications interface compliant with all relevant standards.
  • The flexible Resource Object Model, a means by which eComInit may track the state of resources which may not fit a process-based availability semantic.

Cloud-enable your systems by adopting our modern and scalable service management solution.

Further reading:

  • Project Goals: Lists the project goals for eComInit.
  • Ports: full details on eComInit's support for different platforms.

Platform Support

See also detailed information on port support.

Platform Minimum version
FreeBSD 12.0
NetBSD 8.0
GNU/Linux 4.0
DragonFly BSD 5.6
OpenBSD 6.6
Mac OS X 10.4
HP-UX 11iv1 w/ Gold Quality Pack


eComInit may be used under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public Licence (AGPL) version 3. Please find these terms in

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