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CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet (link)

VS Code extension that lets you open a flexbox cheatsheet directly in the editor.


The cheatsheet can be opened in a few ways:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + P (Win, Linux) / Cmd + Shift + P (Mac) and search for the Open CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet command.
  • Press Ctrl + K K (Win, Linux) / Cmd + K K (Mac) keyboard shortcut.
  • Hover any display: flex declaration and click the Open CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet link in the popup.

Besides the Open CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet link in the hover popup, there’s also an image shown for each flexbox property. This aims to make it easier to understand how each property works without opening the cheatsheet. This is available for the following file types:

  • CSS
  • Less
  • Sass
  • Scss

Most properties also have interactive playgrounds that are part of the cheatsheet.


After opening the cheatsheet, you can select the directionality to be used in the interactive playgrounds. This is especially useful for languages that write from right-to-left. Learn more.


The colors of the cheatsheet automatically adapt to the selected theme. The font is based on the user’s preferred font.

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Using the Open CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet command

Demo using "Open CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet" the command

Clicking the Open CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet link on hover

Demo opening the cheatsheet by clicking the "Open CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet" command

Trying the interactive playgrounds

Trying the interactive playgrounds

Changing directionality in the interactive playgrounds

Demo changing directionality

Showing an image on hover

Demo showing an image on hover


The cheatsheet in this extension is based on the excellent Flexbox Cheatsheet by Darek Kay.

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