Weyefeye Dslr Tether

Automatically download new photos from your DSLR camera using XS WeyeFeye device
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9 days ago40mitC
OpenMV Camera Module
3 months ago113apache-2.0
Unofficial GoPro WiFi API Documentation - HTTP GET requests for commands, status, livestreaming and media query.
6 months ago56gpl-3.0Shell
Raspberry Pi + High Quality Camera = High-quality USB Webcam!
Openmemories Tweak665
5 years ago195mitJava
Unlock your Sony camera's settings
6 days ago41gpl-3.0C
Open source firmware for Ingenic T20 based devices such as WyzeCam V2, Xiaomi Xiaofang 1S, iSmartAlarm's Spot+ and others.
8 years ago7apache-2.0Python
An http API to control multiple GoPro cameras over wifi.
4 years ago4gpl-3.0Shell
Detect and disconnect hidden WiFi cameras in that AirBnB you're staying in
Fuji Cam Wifi Tool154
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Trying to reverse-engineer the wifi remote control protocol used by Fuji X series cameras
2 years ago4C++
ESP32-CAM with an open wifi access point and a captive portal, for fast deployment of a wireless camara.
Esp32cam Rtsp140
4 days ago6C++
Simple RTSP (streaming image) server for the ESP32CAM. Easy configuration and monitoring through the web interface.
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WeyeFeye DSLR Tether

Automatically download new photos from your DSLR camera using XS WeyeFeye device.


The XS WeyeFeye is $50 device that can be attached to any digital camera to allow viewing and downloading of photos over wifi. The device creates it's own wifi network that you can connect to from your computer or mobile phone, and acts as a server that has an API for accessing content on the camera. The API is used byt the iOS App, but we can also use it via this script to instantly download photos as they are taken.


The script is in python and assumes you are running python 2.7+ and have pip installed.

# install dependencies
pip install -r requirements.txt

Plugin in WeyeFeye device to your camera and turn on. Connect your computer to the wifi network beginning with "WeyeFeye". Note that you will not have internet connectivity while connected to this network.


python main.py

The script runs in a continuous loop checking for connectivity and new photos. Logs on a successful connection will look something like the following.

----- Starting WeyeFeye XS photo finder... -----

----- initializing file list -----

total files: 293
total files: 213
0:00:00.092497 to fetch all files

----- looking for file changes -----

total files: 293
total files: 213
0:00:00.107780 to fetch all files
0 files added, 0 files removed

----- looking for file changes -----

total files: 294
total files: 213
0:00:00.140989 to fetch all files
1 files added, 0 files removed
Saving image to photos/IMG_0334.JPG

Known Issues

The script attempts to delete files that have been removed from the camera, but the WeyeFeye API does not remove deleted photos from the list of photos until it has been unplugged and replugged into the camera.

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