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The official Solium Plugin for the Embark Framework


Make sure you have embark installed globally.

Traverse to your Embark Project Directory, then run npm install --save embark-solium.


  • In your embark.json, add embark-solium to the list of plugins:
"plugins": {
    "embark-solium": {}
  • (Assuming embark simulator is already running), launch the Embark Dashboard using embark run.
  • On the console, run solium --init. This will create .soliumrc.json & .soliumignore in the root directory.

You're all set! Now every time you make changes to any solidity file, Solium produces the lint issues in the Embark Console.

If you'd like to know which version of Solium embark-solium is running, simply run solium --help


  • [ ] Enable Solium's autofixing feature
  • [ ] Allow user to change location of Solium config files
  • [ ] Tests!


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