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Outside-Now is a simple weather app that allows you to get the current weather, hourly weather for the next 48 hours, and an 8-day forecast at the same time

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You will be provided with the following weather information.

  • Current temperature
  • A 24-hour weather summary
  • The low and high temperature for the current day
  • Hourly forecast for the next 48 hours which includes the time, temperature, and probability of precipitation
  • Weekly weather summary
  • 8 Day forecast which includes the high and low temperature for each day
  • Hourly report for every day including temperature, chance of precipitation, and wind speed.

Outside Now

  1. Automatically gets your local weather forcast (if you allow access to your location).
  2. Allows users to search for any city and get its forcast.

Tools used to develop Outside-Now:

  1. Weather data comes from Dark Sky's API
  2. CocoaPods used - AlamoFire, SwiftyJSON
  3. Standard Libraries used - CoreLocation

Sample Video

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Sample ScreenShot

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