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❔ What is this?

K4Prox is an application for managing Kubernetes clusters in Proxmox VE (tested on Proxmox 7.2-7).

What does the K4Prox under the hood?

  • Generates the best possible default project for your environment
    • checks used vmid's in your proxmox to find the first free 20 id's range, starts from number round to 10 ex. 120, 400, 500 for the first node
    • determines automatically your network settings, like Gateway, Subnet mask and DNS server address
    • tries to figure out the IP range for VMs, uses ping application on your host - it's not guaranteed IP availability due to some devices on your network can have disabled ICMP protocol
  • Create and configure VMs using Proxmox API and SSH
  • Uses Ubuntu Cloud image + Cloud-Init as VM's OS
  • Installs MicroK8s using snap
  • Configure MicroK8s via SSH (installing addons, joining nodes to the cluster)

Supported platforms:

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows (Windows 10 and below requires Microsoft Edge WebView2, automatic installation is provided by Wails)

Used technologies:

  • Wails V2
  • Go 1.19
  • React 18 (MobX, PrimeReact, Tailwind, Formik, Yup)

📌 Planned features

  • Add node to existing cluster
  • Delete node from existing cluster
  • Upgrade VM OS
  • Change VM resources
  • Create web application version

🔨 Building from source

Install Go and Node.js

Install Wails

Run go install[email protected] to install the Wails CLI.

Live Development

To run in live development mode, run wails dev in the project directory.


To build a redistributable, production mode package, use wails build.

📘 Licences

K4Prox can be used under two licences:

For personal use PolyForm Noncommercial License 1.0.0

Internal Business Use PolyForm Internal Use License 1.0.0

📷 Screenshots

Login page New/Open project Cluster planner - welcome Cluster planner - 1 Cluster planner - 2 Cluster planner - 3 Cluster provisioning Cluster management - 1 Cluster management - 2

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