Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


a carefully crafted Android framework that includes:

  • DI - injection of Views, Fragments, Services, etc.
  • ORM - efficient persistence utilizing Cursors & fluent API.
  • EventBus for posting event notifications.
  • Simple JSON (de)serialization capable of handling nested objects.
  • Improved AsyncTask & IntentService with Exceptions & result reporting support.
  • Logger that figures out tag itself & logs any object.
  • RESTClient for GETting, PUTting, POSTing, DELETing & InputStream-getting, also speaks JSON.
  • ImageFetcher to asynchronously attach images to ImageViews, with caching, cross-fade & transformation support.
  • Numerous Utils.


available at


the latest JAR, get from Maven:


or Gradle:

dependencies {
   compile 'org.droidparts:droidparts:${version.from.jar.above}'

or use as a plain old Android library project.

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