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MEAD is a library for reproducible deep learning research and fast model development for NLP. It provides easily extensible abstractions and implementations for data loading, model development, training, experiment tracking and export to production.

It also provides implementations of high-performance deep learning models for various NLP tasks, against which newly developed models can be compared. Deep learning experiments are hard to reproduce, MEAD provides functionalities to track them. The goal is to allow a researcher to focus on model development, delegating the repetitive tasks to the library.


Tutorials using Colab




Baseline can be installed as a Python package.

pip install mead-baseline

If you are using tensorflow 2 as your deep learning backend you will need to have tensorflow_addons already installed or have it get installed directly with:

pip install mead-baseline[tf2]

From the repository

If you have a clone of this repostory and want to install from it:

cd layers
pip install -e .
cd ../
pip install -e .

This first installs mead-layers AKA 8 mile, a tiny layers API containing PyTorch and TensorFlow primitives, locally and then mead-baseline


We use Github CI/CD to automatically release TensorFlow and PyTorch via this project:

Links to the latest dockerhub images can be found there

A Note About Versions

Deep Learning Frameworks are evolving quickly and changes are not always backwards compatible. We recommend recent versions of whichever framework is being used underneath. We currently run on TF versions between 1.13 and 2.4.1. The PyTorch backend requires at least version 1.3.0, though we recommend using a more recent version.


If you use the library, please cite the following paper:

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MEAD was selected for a Spotlight Poster at the NeurIPS MLOSS workshop in 2018. OpenReview link

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