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SqlSugar ORM

SqlSugar ORM is a library providing Object/Relational Mapping (ORM)

An ORM framework from the future

Using SqlSugar is very simple , And it's powerful.


  • Support SqlServerMySqlPgSql and Oracle insert blukcopy
  • Split table big data self-processing
  • Support Multi-tenant, multi-library transactions
  • Support Support CodeFirst data migration.
  • Support Join query Union all Subquery
  • Support Configure the query
  • Support DbFirst import entity class from database, or use Generation Tool.
  • Support one-to-many and many-to-many navigation properties
  • Support MySqlSqlServerSqliteOracle postgresql MsAccessCustom
  • Support AOP Diff Log Query Filter


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Include query

Feature characteristic

Feature1 : Join query

Super simple query syntax

var query  = db.Queryable<Order>()
            .LeftJoin<Custom>  ((o, cus) => o.CustomId == cus.Id)
            .LeftJoin<OrderItem> ((o, cus, oritem ) => o.Id == oritem.OrderId)
            .LeftJoin<OrderItem> ((o, cus, oritem , oritem2) => o.Id == oritem2.OrderId)
            .Where(o => o.Id == 1)  
            .Select((o, cus) => new ViewOrder { Id = o.Id, CustomName = cus.Name })
  [o].[Id] AS [Id],
  [cus].[Name] AS [CustomName]
  [Order] o
  Left JOIN [Custom] cus ON ([o].[CustomId] = [cus].[Id])
  Left JOIN [OrderDetail] oritem ON ([o].[Id] = [oritem].[OrderId])
  Left JOIN [OrderDetail] oritem2 ON ([o].[Id] = [oritem2].[OrderId])
  ([o].[Id] = @Id0)

Feature2 : Include query

var list=db.Queryable<Test>()
           .Includes(x => x.Provinces,x=>x.Citys ,x=>x.Street) 
           .Includes(x => x.ClassInfo) 

Feature3 : Page query

 int pageIndex = 1; 
 int pageSize = 20;
 int totalCount=0;
 var page = db.Queryable<Student>().ToPageList(pageIndex, pageSize, ref totalCount);

Feature4 : Dynamic expression

var names= new string [] { "a","b"};
Expressionable<Order> exp = new Expressionable<Order>();
foreach (var item in names)
    exp.Or(it => it.Name.Contains(item.ToString()));
var list= db.Queryable<Order>().Where(exp.ToExpression()).ToList();
SELECT [Id],[Name],[Price],[CreateTime],[CustomId]
       FROM [Order]  WHERE (
                     ([Name] like '%'+ CAST(@MethodConst0 AS NVARCHAR(MAX))+'%') OR 
                     ([Name] like '%'+ CAST(@MethodConst1 AS NVARCHAR(MAX))+'%')

Feature5 : Multi-tenant transaction

//Creaate  database object
SqlSugarClient db = new SqlSugarClient(new List<ConnectionConfig>()
    new ConnectionConfig(){ ConfigId="0", DbType=DbType.SqlServer,  ConnectionString=Config.ConnectionString, IsAutoCloseConnection=true },
    new ConnectionConfig(){ ConfigId="1", DbType=DbType.MySql, ConnectionString=Config.ConnectionString4 ,IsAutoCloseConnection=true}

var mysqldb = db.GetConnection("1");//mysql db
var sqlServerdb = db.GetConnection("0");// sqlserver db
            mysqldb.Insertable(new Order()
                CreateTime = DateTime.Now,
                CustomId = 1,
                Name = "a",
                Price = 1


Feature6 : Singleton Pattern

Implement transactions across methods

public static SqlSugarScope Db = new SqlSugarScope(new ConnectionConfig()
            DbType = SqlSugar.DbType.SqlServer,
            ConnectionString = Config.ConnectionString,
            IsAutoCloseConnection = true 
  db=> {
            db.Aop.OnLogExecuting = (s, p) =>
  using (var tran = Db.UseTran())
               new Test2().Insert(XX);
               new Test1().Insert(XX);

Feature7 : Query filter

//set filter
db.QueryFilter.Add(new TableFilterItem<Order>(it => it.Name.Contains("a")));  
//SELECT [Id],[Name],[Price],[CreateTime],[CustomId] FROM [Order]  WHERE  ([Name] like '%'[email protected]+'%')  

db.Queryable<OrderItem, Order>((i, o) => i.OrderId == o.Id)
        .Where(i => i.OrderId != 0)
//SELECT i.* FROM [OrderDetail] i  ,[Order]  o  WHERE ( [i].[OrderId] = [o].[Id] )  AND 
//( [i].[OrderId] <> @OrderId0 )  AND  ([o].[Name] like '%'[email protected]+'%')

Feature8 : Insert or update

insert or update

    var x = Db.Storageable(list2).ToStorage();  

insert into not exists

var x = Db.Storageable(list).SplitInsert(it => !it.Any()).ToStorage()

Feature9 Auto split table

Split entity

[SplitTable(SplitType.Year)]//Table by year (the table supports year, quarter, month, week and day)
 public class SplitTestTable
     [SugarColumn(IsPrimaryKey =true)]
     public long Id { get; set; }
     public string Name { get; set; }
     //When the sub-table field is inserted, which table will be inserted according to this field. 
     //When it is updated and deleted, it can also be convenient to use this field to      
     //find out the related table 
     public DateTime CreateTime { get; set; }

Split query

 var lis2t = db.Queryable<OrderSpliteTest>()
.SplitTable(DateTime.Now.Date.AddYears(-1), DateTime.Now)

Feature10 Big data insert or update

//Insert A million only takes a few seconds
//update A million only takes a few seconds
db.Fastest<RealmAuctionDatum>().BulkUpdate(GetList());//A million only takes a few seconds
db.Fastest<RealmAuctionDatum>().BulkUpdate(GetList(),new string[]{"id"},new string[]{"name","time"})//no primary key
//if exists update, else  insert
 var x= db.Storageable<Order>(data).ToStorage();
//set table name
//set page 

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