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Six Alpha

Six Alpha pipeline

Six Alpha is a 4-bit accumulator-based processor architecture implemented as a softcore processor described in VHDL. It is based on my very first processor I have created in VHDL from 2015, which was tested on an Altera FPGA board. Later, it was ported to Digilent Basys 2 board.

The next traits include:

  • Harvard memory architecture
  • May address up to 128 B of instructions
  • May address up to 16 nibbles of data
  • I/O ports in data memory address space

Machine Code

If you are curious what the machine code of Six Alpha looks like, browse the collection of such programs.

Original Plan

The original intention was to design and release also the following Six processor.

Six Beta

  • Pipelining capability
  • Instruction memory programming interface

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