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.. image:: doc/_static/dipy-logo.png :height: 180px :target: :alt: DIPY - Diffusion Imaging in Python


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DIPY [DIPYREF]_ is a python library for the analysis of MR diffusion imaging.

DIPY is for research only; please do not use results from DIPY for clinical decisions.


Current information can always be found from the DIPY website -

Mailing Lists

Please see the developers' list at

Please see the users' forum at

Please join the gitter chatroom here <>_.


You can find our sources and single-click downloads:

  • Main repository_ on Github.
  • Documentation_ for all releases and current development tree.
  • Download as a tar/zip file the current trunk_.

.. _main repository: .. _Documentation: .. _current trunk:

Installing DIPY

DIPY can be installed using pip::

pip install dipy

or using conda::

conda install -c conda-forge dipy

For detailed installation instructions, including instructions for installing from source, please read our installation documentation <>_.


DIPY is licensed under the terms of the BSD license. Please see the LICENSE file <>_.


We welcome contributions from the community. Please read our Contributing guidelines <>_.


.. [DIPYREF] E. Garyfallidis, M. Brett, B. Amirbekian, A. Rokem, S. Van Der Walt, M. Descoteaux, I. Nimmo-Smith and DIPY contributors, "DIPY, a library for the analysis of diffusion MRI data", Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, vol. 8, p. 8, Frontiers, 2014.

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