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A statically typed site generator, written with pure Elm.

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Key features

SEO made easy

With elm-pages, SEO is as easy as calling a type-safe, high-level Elm API and passing in data from your content's metadata.

The metadata is just Elm data that you define however you want, using a Json Decoder to grab data out of your markdown frontmatter.

import MyMetadata exposing (MyMetadata)

head : BlogMetadata -> List (Head.Tag Pages.PathKey)
head meta =
    { canonicalUrlOverride = Nothing
    , siteName = "elm-pages"
    , image =
      { url = PagesNew.images.icon
      , alt = meta.description
      , dimensions = Nothing
      , mimeType = Nothing
    , description = meta.description
    , locale = Nothing
    , title = meta.title
    |> Seo.article
      { tags = []
      , section = Nothing
      , publishedTime = Just (Date.toIsoString meta.published)
      , modifiedTime = Nothing
      , expirationTime = Nothing

Optimized for performance

elm-pages has a set of features built-in to make sure your page is blazing fast on any device.

  • Automatic page pre-rendering
  • Page content is split up per-page so page content downloads and parses just-in-time
  • Page pre-fetching on link hover

Try out elm-pages, open up Lighthouse, and see for yourself! Or check out (find the source code in the examples/docs/ folder).

What's next?

Take a look at the current projects to see the current priorities!

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Daniel Marín


Steven Vandevelde


Johannes Maas

📓 💻

Wiktor Toporek


Luke Westby


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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