Genesis Bourbon Neat

A Genesis Starter Theme built using Bourbon and Neat
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#Overview This here is a Genesis Starter Theme using the Genesis Sample Theme. I built this using Bourbon for the SASS library and Neat, as a CSS Grid Framework Alternative to Foundation and Bootstrap. Also inspired by my other project called 'Some Like it Neat,' which is a Starter Theme using _s Bourbon and Neat

This project is still very, very early and I've not given a ton of thought to what else I'll do with it. Contributions welcome.

###What's to know? Not too much, actually.

You need to have Genesis to use this theme, so there's that.

I ripped out all the styles from the Genesis Sample Child Theme Stylesheet and separated them out into specific CSS files. I was attempting to follow some SMACSS principles when organizing the SASS files. I haven't "SASSified" any of the Sample Child Theme CSS

###I ripped out all the CSS! WTF!!? Why, you f*cker?? Personally, I grew to love that starter themes like _s ( have no styling. You simply "build up". So I wanted to take the same approach and start with a very lean baseline for the CSS.

For now, I've commented out all the styles except for Navigation (sass/layout/navigation/_navigation.scss) and Reset/Normalize Rules

###What's included

  1. Bourbon
  2. Neat
  3. Bitters
  4. Refills
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