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Digi XBee Python library |pypiversion| |pythonversion|

This project contains the source code of the XBee Python library, an easy-to-use API developed in Python that allows you to interact with Digi International's XBee <>_ radio frequency (RF) modules.

This source has been contributed by Digi International.


You can install XBee Python library using pip <>_::

$ pip install digi-xbee

Install from Source

You can install XBee Python library directly from sources. To do so, extract the source code to your computer and execute the following command::

$ pip install <path_to_xbee-python_dir>


XBee Python library has user guide and API reference documentation hosted on Read the Docs. You can find the latest, most up to date, documentation at latest docs <>. To see only those features which have been released, check out the stable docs <>.

How to contribute

The contributing guidelines are in the CONTRIBUTING.rst document <>_.


Copyright 2017-2021, Digi International Inc.

The MPL 2.0 license <>_ covers the majority of this project with the following exceptions:

  • The ISC license <>_ covers the contents of the examples directory.

.. |pypiversion| image:: :target: .. |pythonversion| image:: :alt: PyPI - Python Version

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