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Gradle and Eclipse RCP

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This example project demonstrates building an Eclipse RCP application using the following techniques:

  • Dependencies pulled from maven and p2
  • Native launchers for Win/Mac/Linux
  • Automatic OSGi metadata
  • Two versions of the same library (Guava 17 and 18 at the same time)
  • Generate IDE-as-build-artifact

Demo project for the goomph Gradle plugin, also makes heavy use of bnd-platform.


  • gradlew ide opens an IDE for manipulating this project.
  • gradlew assemble.all creates native launchers for win/mac/linux in the deploy/build folder.

High level layout

The plugins are applied as follows:

Project layout


See "Gradle and Eclipse RCP.pptx" in this repo for more details. Based on a talk given at Gradle Summit 2016 (video).

A second talk based on this work will be given at EclipseConverge 2017.


  • Many thanks to Simon Templer for the excellent bnd-platform.
  • Be on the lookout for David Akehurst's work on p2 and Gradle (details in powerpoint).
  • Andrey Hihlovskiy's excellent Wuff and Unpuzzle libraries have been a huge boon to everyone trying to get Gradle and Eclipse to collaborate.
  • Maintained by DiffPlug.

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