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passhash addresses the dismal state of password management in Go by offering easy-to-use APIs to manage credentials (e.g. password hashes)

Note: The exposed surfaces (e.g. interfaces, structs, and struct fields) are in flux until v1.0.0 is released


  • Simple, easy to use API
  • Tunable work factors
  • Auto-upgrading KDFs and work factors
  • Password usage audit log
  • Password policies

Available Password Policies

Password Policy Repo
AtLeastNRunes Included
NotCommonPasswordNaive Included

Available CredentialStores

Credential Store Repo
DummyCredentialStore Included
StringCredentialStore Included (in examples)
StringCredentialPepperedStore Included (in examples)

Available AuditLoggers

Audit Logger Repo
DummyAuditLogger Included
MemoryAuditLogger Included

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