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Exposes project and assembly level information as constants in the ThisAssembly class using source generators powered by Roslyn.

The main generated entry point type is ThisAssembly in the global namespace, and is declared as partial so you can extend it too with manually created members.

Each package in turn extends this partial class too to add their own constants.

The ThisAssembly meta-package includes all the other packages for convenience.

NOTE: as of .NET 5.0, only C# is supported for source generators.


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This package generates a static ThisAssembly.Info class with public constants exposing the following attribute values generated by default for SDK style projects:

  • AssemblyConfigurationAttribute

  • AssemblyCompanyAttribute

  • AssemblyTitleAttribute

  • AssemblyDescriptionAttribute

  • AssemblyProductAttribute

  • AssemblyCopyrightAttribute

  • AssemblyVersionAttribute

  • AssemblyInformationalVersionAttribute

  • AssemblyFileVersionAttribute

If your project includes these attributes by other means, they will still be emitted properly on the ThisAssembly.Info class.


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This package generates a static ThisAssembly.Constants class with public constants for @(Constant) MSBuild items in the project.

In addition to arbitrary constants via <Constant ...>, it's quite useful in particular in test projects, to generate constants for files in the project, so there's also a shorthand for those:

    <FileConstant Include="@(Content)" />

Which results in:


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This package provides a static ThisAssembly.Metadata class with public constants exposing each [System.Reflection.AssemblyMetadata(..)] defined for the project.

For an attribute declared (i.e. in AssemblyInfo.cs) like:

  [assembly: System.Reflection.AssemblyMetadataAttribute("Foo", "Bar")]

A corresponding ThisAssembly.Metadata.Foo constant with the value Bar is provided. The metadata attribute can alternatively be declared using MSBuild syntax in the project (for .NET 5.0+ projects that have built-in support for @(AssemblyMetadata) items):

      <AssemblyMetadata Include="Foo" Value="Bar" />


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This package generates a static ThisAssembly.Project class with public constants exposing project properties that have been opted into this mechanism by adding them as ProjectProperty MSBuild items in project file, such as:

    <ProjectProperty Include="Foo" />


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This package generates a static ThisAssembly.Strings class with public constants exposing string resources in .resx files or methods with the right number of parameters for strings that use formatting parameters.

In addition, it groups constants and methods in nested classes according to an optional underscore separator to organize strings. For example, User_InvalidCredentials can be accessed with ThisAssembly.Strings.User.InvalidCredentials if it contains a simple string, or as a method with the right number of parametres if its value has a format string.

Given the following Resx file:

Name Value Comment
Infrastructure_MissingService Service {0} is required. For logging only!
Shopping_NoShipping We cannot ship {0} to {1}.
Shopping_OutOfStock Product is out of stock at this time.

The following code would be generated:

partial class ThisAssembly
    public static partial class Strings
        public static partial class Infrastructure
            /// <summary>
            /// For logging only!
            /// => "Service {0} is required."
            /// </summary>
            public static string MissingService(object arg0)
                => string.Format(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture, 

        public static partial class Shopping
            /// <summary>
            /// => "We cannot ship {0} to {1}."
            /// </summary>
            public static string NoShipping(object arg0, object arg1)
                => string.Format(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture, 
                    arg0, arg1);

            /// <summary>
            /// => "Product is out of stock at this time."
            /// </summary>
            public static string OutOfStock
                => Strings.GetResourceManager("ThisStore.Properties.Resources").GetString("OutOfStock");


CI Version Build

We also produce CI packages from branches and pull requests so you can dogfood builds as quickly as they are produced.

The CI feed is

The versioning scheme for packages is:

  • PR builds: 42.42.42-pr[NUMBER]
  • Branch builds: 42.42.42-[BRANCH].[COMMITS]


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