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Trollhunter is a single-player roguelike game.

Far away in an uncharted region of the Earth land Elvion lies surrounded by mountains. In the center of this land there is a village named Dork. It's people are in grave danger as the Troll King and his armies are marching to lay waste on all of its inhabitants. Unless a hero will rise to take a stand against the forces of evil.

You are the hero who departs on a quest to stop the enemies and save your homeland, Elvion. Survive, gather equipment, fight adversaries and be ready for the final confrontation. Good luck! You will need it.

##Hints on how to play Use in game help '?'

Current State

The game is currently in demo stage with very limited contents and lots of issues to solve and improve.


Contributions are welcome! Please fork this repository and then once you have made and tested your changes, submit a pull request.

System requirements

at least 1GHz CPU recommended at least 1024x768 graphic mode recommended at least 512Mb RAM recommended at least 64Mb VRAM recommended

No installation is required, just extract all files to one folder and play. You may need to set "executable" bit in Linux.








Copyright (C) 2017-2021 by Sergiy Tkach (Apromix).

Trollhunter is open source, written in pascal, the full source is available at:

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