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My Minimal Neovim Setup

I use Neovim's builtin LSP setting up language servers and features such as:

  • Go to definition
  • (auto)completion
  • Code Actions (automatic formatting when saved, organize imports, ...)
  • Fixing autofixables
  • Show method signatures
  • Show/go to references/go to implementation
  • Snippets

packer.nvim for plugin/package management

For listing features above I use telescope.nvim

For file explorer NvimTree

Colorscheme is nordfox.nvim with some customization

To install language sarvers LspInstall

Using specific servers for formatters, linters, errors, and code actions null-ls.nvim and more..

⚠️ Check keymaps.lua and dannzi.lua to see all shortcuts

Languages with settings and ready to use:

  • Javascript/Typescript (React)

  • Python

  • Go

  • Lua


Before you install anything don't forget to backup your old config!

mv ~/.config/nvim ~/.config/nvimbackup

Clone repo to ~/.config/nvim/ folder

git clone ~/.config/nvim
nvim +PackerSync

Some Features & Screenshots

Autocompletion, snippets and show docs

To view docs in normal mode bring cursor to called function and hit "K"

Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 19 37 38

Linting errors and warnings

Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 19 39 04

List files, references and more with telescope.nvim

Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 19 34 54

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