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We must be protected our data while using 3rd party vagrant boxes, ISOs, VDIs.


Virtualbox or any relavent tool is required to run Vagrant.

Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint)

$ apt-get install virtualbox vagrant

MacOSx (don't forget to install Homebrew if you don't have one)

$ brew cask install virtualbox vagrant

Windows (Download from the following links)


  1. Clone the repository git clone [email protected]:deletify/vagrantbox.git <PROJECT_NAME>
  2. Go into cd <PROJECT_NAME>
  3. Open the vim config.yml, replace project_name: <PROJECT_NAME> and add multiple machines if you want (stg is default machine)
  4. Install required plugins vagrant plugin install vagrant-disksize vagrant-vbguest if you don't installed yet

Setting Up a Virtual Machine

  • first/one time installation ./
  • use ./ instead of vagrant destroy -f
  • if you are in <PROJECT_NAME> directory
    • login via ssh vagrant ssh <USERNAME>
    • stop machine vagrant halt <USERNAME>
    • start machine vagrant up <USERNAME>
  • if you are outside the <PROJECT_NAME> directory then run vagrant global-status and get the ID
    • login vagrant ssh <ID>
    • start machine vagrant up <ID>
    • stop machine vagrant halt <ID>

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