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Do not use this package in production!

  1. This is a proof of concept. (update: this package is used successfully in an app that has 25 models)
  2. The code is not unit tested. (update: thanks to @robsontenorio we have basic unit testing)
  3. The API is not stable.

I release this alpha version to get feedback on the API and to make sure I'm not missing important use cases.

Also, I cannot build this alone! I'm more than happy to receive help from the community. Don't be shy!

  • join the discussions (even if it's not your issue)
  • improve the documentation (if you found something hard to understand, raise an issue, send a pull-request, etc)
  • contribute with code (I will guide you as much as needed)


If you define the fields in the model, you can get:

  • automatic migrations
  • automatic validation on save()
  • grouped field definition (name, schema type, casting, fillable/guarded, validation rules, schema modifiers, schema indexes)

namespace App;

use Deiucanta\Smart\Field;
use Deiucanta\Smart\Model;

class Product extends Model
    public function fields()
        return [
            Field::make('sku')->string()->fillable()->required()->unique()->label("Sku Number"),
            Field::make('price')->decimal(6, 2)->fillable()->required()->min(0),


To install the package, just run:

composer require deiucanta/smart


Create a Smart model:

php artisan smart:model Product

Include the model in the configuration file (config/smart.php):

Note: this is now done automatically when you create the model.


return [
    'models' => [

Create a Smart migration:

php artisan smart:migration

You should be able to see a new migration in your migration directory. To apply the migration, you just run php artisan migrate as usual.

You will find a new file called smart.json in the database directory of your app. That is where the package stores the current state of the database/models. If you delete that file and run php artisan smart:migration, it will create a new migration as if the schema was empty.


These are the primitives with which you should be able to create any kind of field. However, there are some smarter methods which you can use.

Base methods

Method Description
type($type, $args) Set the type to be used in migrations
cast($cast) Set the cast type
rule($rule) Add a validation rule (Laravel format)
guarded() Make the field guarded
fillable() Make the field fillable
index() Add a simple index on this field in migrations
unique($where_closure = null) Add a unique index in migrations and a smart validation rule that ignores the current model id
primary() Add a primary key on this field in migrations
default($default) Set the default value in migrations and set the model attribute when you instantiate the model
nullable() Make the field nullable in migrations and also add the nullable validation rule
unsigned() Add the unsigned modifier in migrations
label($value) Set the field label for validation errors bag

Type Methods

These are Laravel types that are currently supported.

Method Type Cast Rule
bigIncrements() bigIncrements integer -
bigInteger() bigInteger integer numeric
binary() binary - -
boolean() boolean boolean boolean
char($size = null) char - -
date() date date -
dateTime() dateTime datetime -
dateTimeTz() dateTimeTz datetime -
decimal($total, $decimal) decimal double numeric
double($total, $decimal) double double numeric
enum($values) enum - in:value1,value2,...
float($total, $decimal) float float numeric
geometry() geometry - -
geometryCollection() geometryCollection - -
increments() increments integer -
integer() integer integer numeric
ipAddress() ipAddress - ip
json() json array array
jsonb() jsonb array array
lineString() lineString - -
longText() longText - -
macAddress() macAddress - -
mediumIncrements() mediumIncrements integer -
mediumInteger() mediumInteger integer numeric
mediumText() mediumText - -
multiLineString() multiLineString - -
multiPoint() multiPoint - -
multiPolygon() multiPolygon - -
point() point - -
polygon() polygon - -
smallIncrements() smallIncrements integer -
smallInteger() smallInteger integer numeric
softDeletes() softDeletes datetime -
softDeletesTz() softDeletesTz datetime -
string($size = null) string - -
text() text - -
time() time - -
timeTz() timeTz - -
timestamp() timestamp datetime -
timestampTz() timestampTz datetime -
tinyIncrements() tinyIncrements integer -
tinyInteger() tinyInteger integer numeric
unsignedBigInteger() unsignedBigInteger integer numeric
unsignedDecimal($total, $decimal) unsignedDecimal double numeric
unsignedInteger() unsignedInteger integer numeric
unsignedMediumInteger() unsignedMediumInteger integer numeric
unsignedSmallInteger() unsignedSmallInteger integer numeric
unsignedTinyInteger() unsignedTinyInteger integer numeric
uuid() uuid - -
year() year integer numeric

Here are some custom types just as an example of what can be done.

Method Type Cast Rule
email() string - email
url() string - url
slug() string - regex:/^[a-z0-9]+(?:-[a-z0-9]+)*$/

Rule Methods

Method Type Cast Rule
accepted() - - accepted
activeUrl() - - active_url
after($date) - - after:$date
afterOrEqual($date) - - after_or_equal:$date
alpha() - - alpha
alphaDash() - - alpha_dash
alphaNum() - - alpha_num
array() - - array
bail() - - bail
before($date) - - before:$date
beforeOrEqual($date) - - before_or_equal:$date
between($min, $max) - - between:$min,$max
confirmed() - - confirmed
dateEquals($date) - - date_equals:$date
dateFormat($format) - - date_format:$format
different($field) - - different:$field
digits($value) - - digits:$value
digitsBetween($min, $max) - - digits_between:$min,$max
exists($table [, $column [, $where_closure ]]) - - Rule::exists(...)
filled() - - filled
gt($field) - - gt:$field
gte($field) - - gte:$field
in($values) - - Rule::in($values)
inArray($field) - - in_array:$field
ip() - - ip
ipv4() - - ipv4
ipv6() - - ipv6
lt($field) - - lt:$field
lte($field) - - lte:$field
max($value) - - max:$value
min($value) - - min:$value
notIn($values) - - value
notRegex($pattern) - - not_regex:$pattern
numeric() - - numeric
present() - - present
regex($pattern) - - regex:$pattern
required() - - required
requiredIf($field, $value) - - required_if:$field,$value
requiredUnless($field, $value) - - required_unless:$field,$value
requiredWith($fields) - - required_with:$fields[0],$fields[1],...
requiredWithAll($fields) - - required_with_all:$fields[0],$fields[1],...
requiredWithout($fields) - - required_without:$fields[0],$fields[1],...
requiredWithoutAll($fields) - - required_without_all:$fields[0],$fields[1],...
same($field) - - same:$field
timezone() - - timezone


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