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Repository for the Defold engine, editor and command line tools.

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Folder Structure

  • build_tools - Build configuration and build tools used by build scripts
  • ci - Continuous integration files for GitHub CI (more info)
  • - Bob
  • engine - Engine
  • editor - Editor
  • packages - External packages
  • scripts - Build and utility scripts
  • share - Misc shared stuff used by other tools. Waf build-scripts, valgrind suppression files, etc.

Setup and Build

Setup Engine

Follow the setup guide to install all of the tools needed to build the Defold engine.

Build Engine

Follow the build instructions to build the engine and command line tools.

Setup, Build and Run Editor

Follow the instructions in the editor folder.

Engine Overview

An overview of the engine architecture and additional engine information can be viewed here.

Platform Specifics

Releasing a new version

The release process is documented here.

Complying with licenses

A full list of third party software licenses along with information on how to give attribution and include the licenses in your game can be found in the COMPLYING WITH LICENSES document in the Defold repository on GitHub.

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