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Map Field

This map field currently ONLY shows in details view


You can use this Map Field with three different sort of spatial data:

  • GeoJSON String property

  • Latitude and Longitude properties

  • Latitude and Longitude both in a single text field

  • Core Laravel Spatial Types

    • Point
    • LineString
    • Polygon
    • Geometry
    • GeometryCollection
    • MultiPoint
    • MultiLineString
    • MultiPolygon To use these core types you need to install grimzy/laravel-mysql-spatial See the section below on setting this up. This can work with other databases, but YMMV.
  • You can set the height of the map in px

  • The field is disabled in Index and Form views by default

  • This is very much a WIP - please submit issues to GitHub

Spatial Types

To specify what sort of spatial data you are passing to this field you MUST set the spatialType() for example


These are the valid Spatial Types

  • LatLon
  • LatLonField (single field)
  • GeoJSON
  • Point
  • LineString
  • Polygon
  • Geometry
  • GeometryCollection
  • MultiPoint
  • MultiLineString
  • MultiPolygon



Map::make('Some Point Field', 'point_field_name')


Map::make('Some Polygon Field', 'polygon_field_name')


Map::make('Some GeoJSON Field')

Latitude & Longitude (in seperate fields)

Map::make('Some Point Location')

Latitude & Longitude (in single fields)

Map::make('Some Point Location', 'coordinate_field_name')

Set the Height

Map::make('Some Point Field', 'point_field_name')

Setting up the Laravel Spatial Types

You need to install grimzy/laravel-mysql-spatial into your main application

composer require grimzy/laravel-mysql-spatial

Add the SpatialTrait to your Model

use SpatialTrait;

You then also need to set any spatial fields you have set in the Model

protected $spatialFields = [

Your Model is now ready to process spatial data to Nova

Future Development

  • Editing capabilities for all Spatial Types
  • View Place Field address on a Map
  • Remove reliance on grimzy package from accessing core Spatial Types
  • Allow all DB spatial fields to be used
  • Customize the map futher
    • Tailwind Height classes
    • Customise Geometry Styling
      • Marker Icon
      • Colors, Thicknesses, Opacity
    • Basemap
      • Streets
      • Topo
      • Satellite
    • Navigation Tools (Compass, Zoom In/Out)
  • Alternative Map Providers
    • Google Maps
    • Mapbox
    • OpenLayers
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