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Filter Lines

Quickly find all lines matching a string or regular expression in Sublime Text.

How to Filter

On the Edit > Line menu:

  • Include Lines With Regex ⌘+K ⌘+R
  • Include Lines With String ⌘+K ⌘+S
  • Exclude Lines With Regex
  • Exclude Lines With String

On the Edit > Code Folding menu:

  • Fold Excluding Regex
  • Fold Excluding String
  • Fold With Regex
  • Fold With String

On Windows and Linux, use ctrl instead of .

How to Install

Install with Package Control

  1. Install Sublime Package Control
  2. Open the command pallette ⌘+shift+P
  3. Select Install Package
  4. Select Filter Lines

Install with Git

  1. Open the Sublime Text package folder (see Sublime Text > Preferences > Browse Packages...)
  2. Clone this repo
  3. Restart Sublime Text


Filter Lines Demo


Filter Lines is based on a Sublime Text plugin tutorial by Daniel Beck. If you want to write a plugin, Daniel's tutorial is a good place to start.

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