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Maya MatchMove Solver (MM Solver)

An error minimisation solver toolset for MatchMove (MM) related tasks utilising Maya's DG and DAG architecture, allowing solving of complex constraints driven by 2D-to-3D re-projection deviation.

What Is It?

The aim of this project is to provide an minimising non-linear least squares solver to aid in complex matchmoving tasks inside Autodesk Maya. This tool is not intended as a one-click-solution; this tool is for advanced users.

The solver performs Bundle Adjustment (BA), solving for 3D positions (Bundles) of 2D features (Markers) with arbitrary solving attributes.

Using arbitrary solving attributes makes the solver extremely flexible; any floating-point attribute in Maya can be adjusted to reduce 2D-to-3D re-projection error. Use Maya's DG and DAG nodes to setup complex constraints and find the best solution to any MatchMove solve you need.


The following releases are below. The latest bug-fix version should always be used, where possible. Forward compatibility is maintained between point-release versions (v0.1 to v0.2), but major version releases should be considered major and may introduce breaking changes.

Releases Description
v0.3.13 New tools, and Maya 2020 support.
v0.3.12 Bug fixes, minor features and updates.
v0.3.11 Bug fixes, and minor tool and UI updates.
v0.3.10 Bug fix release, support for Mesh Rivets.
v0.3.9 User preferences and minor solver changes.
v0.3.8 Bug fix release.
v0.3.7 Performance, stability improvements and bug fixes.
v0.3.6 UI Performance Improvements and bug fixes.
v0.3.5 Fixed bugs.
v0.3.4 Added Attribute Details and fixed bugs.
v0.3.3 Bug fix release.
v0.3.2 Added tools and fixed bugs.
v0.3.1 Added tools and fixed bugs.
v0.3.0 Improved solver, GUI and tools
v0.2.3 Bug fix release
v0.2.2 Bug fix release
v0.2.1 Bug fix release
v0.2.0 Improved solver and tools
v0.1.1 Bug fix release
v0.1.0 Initial release


For all tutorials, documentation of Tools, Python API and Maya Plug-In features, take a look at the Documentation Home Page.

The official YouTube channel is mmSolver, it contains video tutorials for mmSolver on a range of topics.

A copy of the documentation is also installed with Maya MatchMove Solver, you can find it by pressing the help button in the Solver UI, or in the module install directory, for example this path:

(On Windows)

C:/Users/<user name>/My Documents/maya/2017/modules/mayaMatchMoveSolver-0.1.0-maya2017-win64/docs/html/index.html


Do you have a question about mmSolver? The mailing list is the perfect place to ask!

There is a Google Group mailing list: maya-matchmove-solver.

The mailing list is a place for user questions and discussions, and will have release announcements of new versions.

If you find a bug, please report it on the GitHub project issues page.


If you have a 'mayaMatchMoveSolver' archive package and need to install it, follow the instructions in


To build (compile) the plug-in follow the steps in


Maya MatchMove Solver (mmSolver) is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License v3.0 or LGPL-3.0 for short. This means the project is Free Open Source Software, and will always stay Free Open Source Software: TL;DR.

Please read the LICENSE (text) file for details.


If you're interested in contributing to the Maya MatchMove Solver project, please see the conventions and information in

Bugs or Issues?

All issues are listed in the issues page on the project page. If you have found a bug, please submit an issue and we will try to address it as soon as possible.

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