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Publication lesson

Materials related to publication of research outputs (data, code, workflows, etc)



  • Start with "so, you are getting ready to submit your paper..."
  • Exercise: Catalog the things you have from the workshop
    • where do they currently live?
    • what needs to be published?
    • how many are already published?
  • What still needs to happen?
    • Published need not mean archived: availability and access for perpetuity.
    • Published need not mean easily citable, and easily trackable for impact: acquire persistent identifier that is broadly supported in scholarly communication.
    • Completeness is a judgment call: which parts are needed to understand, judge, and recreate the results reported in the paper.
    • Are the journal's or funder's requirements for sharing of research products met?
    • Are the published products reusable? Are they in a format and sufficiently documented that others can build on them?
  • For whom does this need to happen?
    • Collaborators
    • Peer reviewers, journal editors
    • Broad scientific community, or generally the public
  • Is it ready for public consumption?
    • Are things eligible for copyright protection properly licensed for reuse (and why does this matter)?
    • Is there enough information that makes it easy for prospective reusers to give credit in the desired form?
    • Is there an appropriate amount of documentation? READMEs etc.
    • Are there sufficient metadata for each component?

People and credits

This lesson was first created at the 1. Reproducible Science Curriculum Hackathon. The corresponding author is Karen Cranston (@kcranston). See the commit log for other contributors.

Please post feedback and issues with the lesson on the repository's issue tracker. For instructor questions about teaching this lesson, you can also contact the corresponding author directly.

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