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... is a blog theme for Hugo that focuses on your content.

ℹ️ Version 3.0 is currently in development

Currently I am working on the final version of Vitae, which will be version 3.

If you want to test the version while it is still in development, just use the git "develop" branch.

But if you encounter a bug or problem, consider writing an issue.


You can have a look on Link to demo


List of Features

Here is a short list with some of the features that are available for Hugo-Vitae.

For more explanation about various features, scroll down to Features

  • Easy to use, even with GDPR in mind
  • Improved part for SEO
  • Optimized responsiveness for all kinds of devices
  • Multilingual support for month names and other fixed strings
  • Various front matter and configuration options for more flexible use.
  • RSS feed
  • Comments with or disqus (optional)
  • Google Analytics integration (optional)
  • Twitter cards and Open Graph tags integration
  • Images for post headers
  • Use of a homepage instead of a list of posts
  • Thumbnail Article or Post
  • And some other cool features...



Download the latest stable release. It's available as .zip or .tar.gz. Decompress it into your themes/ folder.


Change your current work directory into the root directory of your Hugo site and clone the repository:

cd themes
git clone hugo-vitae

For more information about installation read the official setup guide of Hugo.


GDPR in mind

The GDPR has many rules for third party assets, so if you don't want to think about GDPR complaints you can disable every third party asset that is integrated.

Some websites using webfonts from third party sites like google. This theme brings FontAwesome and Roboto(-Slab) directly with it, without having to integrate them via third party sites.

Multilingual support for month names and fixed strings

month names

Due to the currently unavailable feature for multilingual dates in .Date from Go. It is possible to create a month.yaml in the data folder of your Hugo site root directory. There is also an example file in exampleSite/data/.

cat > month.yaml << EOF
1: "Jan"
2: "Feb"
3: "Mar"
4: "Apr"
5: "May"
6: "Jun"
7: "Jul"
8: "Aug"
9: "Sep"
10: "Oct"
11: "Nov"
12: "Dec"

fixed strings

There are some fixed strings in the html files that normally uses only the set language. But if you create a folder i18n/ in the root directory of your hugo site and copy the en.yaml that comes with the theme you can edit the fixed strings to your liking. Don't forget to also set defaultContentLanguage = "en" to the new language.

mkdir i18n
cd i18n
cp ../themes/hugo-vitae/i18n/en.yaml en.yaml
# Edit the new language file

FontAwesome for social icons

FontAwesome is mainly used for the icons of the social navbar in the top right corner of the theme. In the config of your Hugo website there is a param called icon for the section. I could look like this:

name = "Github"
icon = "fab fa-github"
url = ""

On the FontAwesome website, you can look up every free icon and also the information you need to put into this icon param.

Site configuration options

All configuration options can be looked up in the exampleSite/config.toml.

Front matter options


Add math typesetting with KaTeX to the content page.

author(string) and authorlink(string)

Add author of a page and if you want, add a link to the author.


Don't add page to RSS.


Disable specific taxonomies for a page.


Enable/Disable comments for this specific page.


Hide page from the mainSection of the homepage.


Disallow page in robots.txt for search engines.


Hide the publish date of the page. Useful for about pages or pages required for legal reasons.


Add an image with /path/to/img to your post. If the path of the image in the hugo site directoy is /static/img/picture.jpg, the correct path for the front matter is /img/picture.jpg.


This is the alternate text for the image that could be added via image front matter.


Licensed under the GPL-2.0.

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