Ruby Wrapper for Jira Agile REST API
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Jira Connector36090633 years ago47December 18, 201929mitJavaScript
NodeJS Wrapper for the Jira REST API
2 years ago63August 17, 202017mitPHP
A lean framework stack for agile Web development based on Symfony and Vuetify
Jira.js192173 days ago71January 09, 20234mitTypeScript
A JavaScript/TypeScript wrapper for the JIRA Cloud, Service Desk and Agile REST API
Kanban Board137
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Single-click full-stack application (Postgres, Spring Boot & Angular) using Docker Compose
Rallyresttoolkitforpython8781a year ago27July 23, 202111otherPython
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Agile Wroking Backend64
3 years agomitJava
AgileWorking 是一个团队协作的微信小程序,此工程为小程序的后台实现
2 years ago7PHP
Implementation of RestAPI for Agile Data
8 years agomitRuby
Ruby Wrapper for Jira Agile REST API
212 years ago2June 14, 2011otherRuby
Agile SQL databases and tools for database administrators
Spring Hibernate Datamodeling Tdd Rest5
3 years agoJava
Alternatives To Jira_agile_api
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This gem allows you to easily use the Jira Agile API.

It’s powered by Faraday and Virtus.

##Demonstration Dash of Agile uses jira_agile_api to create agile dashboards from Jira Agile projects.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'jira_agile_api', '~> 0.1.0'

And then execute:

$ bundle install

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install jira_agile_api

Basic Usage

client = JiraAgileApi::Client.new(token: 'my-api-token')                        # Create API client

rapid_views = client.rapid_views                                                # Get all rapid views
rapid_view  = client.rapid_view(123456)                                         # Get rapid view with given ID

rapid_view.sprints                                                              # Get all sprints for a rapid view


  • Add missing resources and endpoints
  • Add create, update, delete for resources


Currently this client supports read-only access to Jira Agile. We will be extending it as our use cases require, but are always happy to accept contributions.

  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request
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