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Swift Mode350
3 days ago6gpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
Emacs support for Apple's Swift programming language.
Emacs Grammarly107
2 years ago3gpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
an Emacs extension to send a text to/from Grammarly
Lsp Sourcekit87
6 months ago7gpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
lsp-mode :heart: Apple's sourcekit
Emacs Sourcekit Lsp25
4 years agoEmacs Lisp
Emacs LSP client for SourceKit-LSP (https://github.com/apple/sourcekit-lsp), a Swift/Objective-C/C++ language server created by Apple
Flycheck Swift11
6 years agogpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
Flycheck extension for Apple's Swift programming language.
Emoji Fontset.el11
a year agoEmacs Lisp
Set font face for Emoji
8 years agogpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
Autonomy is Organization
Emacs Applenotes8
5 years agogpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
Use Apple Notes in Emacs through Applescript
Tramp Virtualenv8
11 years ago1Emacs Lisp
A collection of prototype code to make coding Python in Emacs work better over TRAMP and with virtualenv.
Php Runtime.el7
2 months ago4gpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
PHP-Emacs bridge, call PHP function from Emacs
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ns-playgrounds - Org-Babel Support for Apple Languages


ns-playgrounds adds Org-Babel support for two of the most popular languages used on Apple platforms: Swift and Objective C. It supports the execution of code snippets, and adds some interesting features like toolchain selection, or support for direct debugging of a compiler with a code snippet, all of that without leaving Emacs.


Programmers usually want to test small code snippets of Swift or Objective C code, possibly using a custom toolchain. There are many alternatives out there:

  • Xcode Playgrounds: This program is installed by default with Xcode, and it’s a good start for doing literate programming, but in my opinion it has two disadvantages: It’s only available for macOS and you can only execute Swift code.
  • Command line tools: You can invoke the compiler and related tools from the command line using a test file. This is a cross-platform solution, but it’s a little bit incovenient because you need to switch context from the code you write to its result.

What I Think a Swift Playground Should Offer

In my opinion, Xcode Playgrounds are a great tool to learn or understand Swift and to create something similar to a literate program, but the current implementation falls short in two aspects:

  • Poor support for beginners: There’s no documentation about error messages or Swift syntactic constructs or attributes that are difficult to Google. Newcomers to a language should be able to see detailed documentation without leaving their editor/IDE.
  • Poor support for advanced use cases: This is a result of the closed source nature of Xcode Playgrounds, and the fact that it’s not extensible. We can try to solve that in Emacs.

Install and Configuration

Simply download ns-playgrounds and load it when you deem appropriate:

(require 'ns-playgrounds)


Execution of Swift code

You can execute Swift code very easily, just like you would execute code in any other language with org-babel:


You can set the `:toolchain` parameter in order to execute the program using a particular Swift toolchain. For example, you can execute code with the “swift-4.2-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2018-10-30-a” toolchain to check that Swift raw strings were not available yet in Swift 4.2:


If you don’t set a `:toolchain` parameter, `ns-playgrounds` will execute your code with the default toolchain. You can configure it to ask you for the Swift toolchain by setting a variable:

(setq ob-swift-prompt-if-no-toolchain t)


Regarding compile errors, ns-playgrounds offers an experimental feature to automatically debug a Swift compiler using your code snippet:

Debugging a Swift compiler using a code snippet (Experimental)

For this feature to work you need to install dap-mode, a package that offers support for the Debug Adapter Protocol in Emacs so that you can debug an application without leaving the text editor.

After that, compile the LLDB debug adapter from the LLVM project. Unfortunately, for now that involves compiling LLDB from sources. Follow the instructions here: https://github.com/llvm-mirror/lldb/tree/master/tools/lldb-vscode#installation-for-visual-studio-code

You also need to compile a debug+assert version of the Swift compiler and keep its source files around. There’s detailed instructions on how to do that at the Swift repository website.

Finally, you need to configure ns-playgrounds so that the path to this debug+assert Swift compiler is known. For example:

(setq ob-swift-debug-compiler-path "~/Projects/swift-source/swift/build/Ninja-RelWithDebInfoAssert+swift-DebugAssert/swift-macosx-x86_64/bin/swift")

Note that we plan to simplify this configuration possibly by working upstream to provide premade packages of the LLDB debug adapter.

When all these prerequisites are met, you can add a `:x-ray-this` parameter to a Swift code snippet and evaluate it. This will launch and attach the LLDB debugger to the debug Swift compiler, which will be prepared to assert at the first diagnostic message that is emitted.

Here’s an example of a compile error about an optional that is not unwrapped, with the debugger stopped at the related part of Sema:


If you have lsp-mode configured and the Swift project is indexed, you can navigate through the Swift codebase at this point.

You can also use the commands from dap-mode to switch stack frames, show local variables, etc.

Execution of Objective C Code

Objective C support is also available. For now, only basic compilation flags are supported:


Future Work

  • Add support for passing arbitrary compiler arguments.
  • Minor mode for documenting keywords, diagnostic messages, etc.
  • Integrate lsp-mode.
  • UIKit support.
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